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Why We Exist

Managing internal IT teams, external IT vendors and complex IT solutions is an ongoing challenge for most businesses. With all the tech advancements happening at breakneck speed, IT service management is also getting increasingly complex. The cost of having a full-time IT manager is often prohibitive for most startups and SMEs. That’s where an Outsourced IT Manager comes in.

Our Outsourced IT Manager possess a strong technical background and are familiar with a broad range of IT platforms and technologies. They bring years of experience operating in diverse IT environments. Rest assured you will get guidance and direction through best practice solutions to facilitate improved business results. Your business will benefit from the strategic expertise of our Outsourced IT Manager on a one-time project, a couple of hours a month or on an on-going basis to help keep your business ahead of the curve.

Why choose us?

Outsourcing some or all of your IT functions is a good way of having expertise in your business without the full time overhead. We will manage your IT assets and services and act as an expert to consult when you have projects to implement.

Barizi (Outsourced) IT Manager will work on-site for an agreed number of hours per week to address all technology-related issues such as, all aspects of your company’s IT Support including IT Management, Network Administration, desktop support, configuring equipment, proactive maintenance, security, backups and updates. In-house services are supplemented by remote help desk, consulting services, and additional resources as needed.

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Benefits of hiring our outsourced IT manager

We give you options for full-time or part-time outsourced IT manager. You can scale up or down as needed, without having to worry about hiring or training staff. This is particularly useful for businesses with fluctuating IT needs.

Barizi (outsourced) IT Manager will engage with your third party suppliers on technical issues on your behalf, until resolution. We ensure all your vendor related concerns won't interfere with your operations.

It can be very expensive to set up an in-house IT team that is capable of supporting a growing business. IT managers can command huge salaries and even the most experienced IT manager will have gaps in their knowledge and only has so many hours in the day.

Taking our outsourced IT manager services can be more cost-effective than hiring and training in-house staff. We spare you the overheads and the space needed to host an in-house IT team.

We have a team of skilled professionals with expertise in different areas, such as cybersecurity, infrastructure management, IT support, IT procurement etc. We also invest in on-going training and development of our staff for them to stay abreast of new technology. This means that your business can access specialized expertise without having to invest in costly training.

By taking our outsourced IT manager services we can improve efficiency by allowing your business to focus on its core competencies and strategic goals. Your in-house staff can spend more time on tasks that directly contribute to the business success.

It can be hard for your in-house IT team who rely exclusively upon you for their income to be objective.

By hiring our outsourced IT managers, you will be able to spot areas that could be improved, create process efficiencies with technology, introduce an IT strategy that compliments the goals you have for your business. We are more open and promote transparency and a focus on results that just doesn’t exist with comfortable, contracted, salaried staff. Suddenly, risks that previously might have been brushed under the carpet and hidden now have a bright light shined upon them.

By using our outsourced IT manager services, you get to tap into a greater pool of ideas and ways of thinking. Your typical salaried IT Manager spend all their time working in your company. Imagine if you could send them out on loan to other companies or even industries – picture the new ideas that they might come back with. Hiring talent who spend their whole time elsewhere gives you this! Ideas that have worked previously, honed and filtered for success – at your disposal.

If your in-house IT manager is not suitably experienced for the scale of your projects, vital potential gains can be lost throughout the project’s life cycle. There are often subtle leaks, too, so you don’t notice until project deadline day…but even subtle leakages can add up to huge losses in terms of budgets and lost time.

Hire the talent that you need, when you need it, for exactly the length of time you require, and when the project finishes you have no long-term commitment, no extended overheads. Perfect! And what you do have is a tap that can be turned on again when you need it. It is the ultimate flexible and agile Project Management solution.

Because we continuously invest in on-going training for our IT managers, they have a better understanding of the latest cybersecurity threats and best practices to mitigate them. Your business can improve its risk management and reduce the likelihood of data breaches and other security incidents.

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