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We take on your ICT problems, so you can focus on your business goal and needs.

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Outsourced IT Manager

Get a dedicated IT manager with the right knowledge and experience to proactively manage your technology needs.

ICT Strategy Development

Ignite your IT strategy with technology solutions and support that optimize your business performance, engagement, and compliance.

ICT Support

We provide comprehensive IT support services to companies that are looking to leverage their company's IT into higher degrees of productivity.

Business Intelligence

BI users can mine data to spot patterns in customer and employee behavior, analyze feedback, and use insights to tailor and improve experiences.

Communication Solutions

Our managed communication services are second to none and can be delivered to meet your individual business requirements.

Strategic Sourcing

Advising clients in the procurement of IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing services.

ICT Audit And Benchmarking

We offer IT audit and benchmarking services to improve organizations' IT systems and processes.

Why join the BITMAS family?

FREE CONSULTATION: 4 Signs It’s Time to Switch IT Provider

Lack of Responsiveness: If your current IT provider takes a long time to respond to your requests or doesn't respond at all.

Limited Capabilities: If your current IT provider doesn't offer the services and solutions that your business requires or has limited capabilities.

Downtime and Outages: If your business experiences frequent downtime or outages due to IT issues, it might be a sign that your current IT provider isn't providing the level of support you need.

High Costs: If your current IT provider is charging high fees for their services or there are hidden costs that you weren't aware of, it might be time to switch to a provider that offers more transparent pricing.

Our Clients

Aligning technology with business goals we deliver market-leading services locally and nationwide. We’re a strategic ICT partner to hundreds of clients across diverse markets including B2B, education and third sector.

ICT is the central nervous system of any business.

From the PCs, laptops or mobile devices you will use, the software and cloud programs that you work from, the security of your data storage, protection from viruses and hackers, and of course the servers and networks your business operates from – IT is everywhere.

An outsourced IT manager could be just what your business needs. Through our outsourced IT manager services, you get to tap into expertise and experience when you need it. And when you no longer need it – it isn’t sitting on the bench burning a hole in your payroll.

Larger scale projects require more experienced IT Managers, which doesn’t come cheap. Having such pricey talent on your books but idle (between projects) can significantly impact on the overall cost effectiveness. At a monthly fee, we will handle some or all of the responsibility for running your IT infrastructure in an efficient and cost effective way.


How we performed in April 2024

Calls Answered Within 15 Seconds
Average Time to Respond
Average Time to Resolution
First Contact Resolution
Customer Satisfaction

"We pride ourselves on achieving excellence in client service and have chosen an IT support partner that shares this ethos. Bitmas react quickly to resolve issues and never compromise. Service consistently reflects our required high standards and integrates seamlessly."
John Waweru
Head of IT, Bitmas

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By outsourcing your IT services to BITMAS, you can save money by paying only for what you need, with all your costs rolled into one fixed monthly payment that easily fits into your budget.

We also analyse your current budget on IT services and work with you to figure out methods to minimize costs in your business so that you can invest the savings elsewhere and improve your IT infrastructure.

Ineffective technology can be a significant cost to your business from the direct cost of supporting it to the cost of fixing things that go wrong. We cut the waste out by helping you find IT solutions built around your specific needs and ensuring you only pay for what you need.

We can provide complementary IT support to assist your in-house team by offering expertise and skills that your in-house staff may struggle with. Our tech talent becomes an integral part of your team, supporting and coaching your existing IT staff.

Our extensive experience managing all types of complex projects means we can handle every detail of your one-off project and coordinate all vendors so you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time and on budget.

We operate on a fixed fee pricing model, so you can plan your finances without factoring in unexpected costs. We have transparent pricing complete with bespoke SLAs. See our prices here .

We’ll work closely with you to establish your current needs, likely future requirements and advise where any gaps may exist. We’ll also identify any potential risks that may prevent current or future adoption while providing you with appropriate strategies for addressing all of these issues.

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